Dogs and other pets; except assistance/guide dogs.

Glass items - with the exception of baby food jars.

Lasers, aerosols or sharp objects; except legitimate picnic items.

Hobby model aircraft and drones.

Professional camera or visual recording equipment; small hand held personal cameras without enhanced lenses are permitted.

Audio recording equipment.

Hard balls, frisbees or similar sports items.

Placards or banners on poles, whistles, air horns.

Furniture and equipment not appropriate for picnics.

Naked flames, candles, fireworks, flares, flammable liquids, Chinese lanterns or any other item that may be considered unsuitable or unsafe.

Illegal substances.

Cyclists welcome but bicycles within the event areas are prohibited. Bicycles may be left at an area adjacent to the Entrances at the Owners risk.

Prohibited or unsafe items will be confiscated at the Owner’s risk and without liability to the Organiser.

How can I contact Geronimo?
We can be contacted at: