When can we gain vehicular access to the camper/caravan fields?
First entry for weekend camping tickets is from 10:00am Friday 22nd May until 12:00pm Saturday 23rd May. There will be NO access to the camper/campervan fields prior to 10:00am Friday 22nd May. Please be considerate of local residents and businesses.

Can I park my campervan/caravan in the main car parks?
Separate fields for ticket holders to park campervans and caravans are available adjacent to the Festival site. Sleeping in vehicles in the car parks is strictly forbidden, as it is contrary to our licence. Regular checks will be made by Security patrols.

What size is a general Camping pitches?
They are 7m by 5m.

Can I park my car next to my tent?
No, please use the designated car park facility.

Can I make a barbecue next to my tent?
No, please use the dedicated barbecue area.

How far is the car park from the campsite?
It is approx. 5min walk.

Do I need a special ticket for the campervan/caravan fields?
Yes. Campervan/caravan tickets to park in these fields are available for an additional fee of £120. See the Tickets page for details.

Does every person staying in our campervan/caravan need a Festival ticket?
Yes. No one will be allowed into the Campervan/Caravan fields without a Festival ticket.

Will there be the relevant facilities if I bring my own chemical toilet?
Yes there will be facility for disposing of waste from a chemical toilet. There will also be toilets provided in both camping and caravan fields for you to use.

How do our friends gain access to the campervan fields if they travel separately?
If your friends are arriving separately to your campervan or caravan they will not be able to gain vehicular access to the campervan fields (as only one car is permitted on the pitch). They will need to buy a car park ticket to park in the public car parks, or travel by public transport, and make their way to the campervan fields on foot via the pedestrian gates.

What counts as a live in vehicle?
Your campervan/caravan MUST have purpose-built fitted sleeping facilities and either fitted cooking or washing facilities. Any converted vehicles must clearly be live-in vehicles. This does not mean simply a van with a piece of foam cut to size for a bed, and a bucket for washing!

A team of campsite staff and security staff will check that campervans and caravans coming into these fields have bona fide living accommodation. No other vehicles will be let onto these fields under any circumstances – not even late replacement vehicles in the case of a breakdown – sorry.

What will happen to my vehicle if it is considered unsuitable for the campervan fields?
Unsuitable vehicles, including unconverted vans, with tickets for the camper van fields, will not be allowed entry and will be sent to one of the festival car parks – and, as it is contrary to our licence, security patrols will not permit sleeping in any vehicles in these car parks.

What facilities are provided in the campervan/caravan fields?
Water, toilets, and showers. The fields are patrolled by security staff.

Will there be facilities to dispose of Grey Water Waste?
Yes there will be a disposal point for grey water.

Is electricity available?
There is no electricity provided for field users.

Does the Festival provide campers or caravans for hire on site?
The Festival does not rent caravans to ticket holders, or have any arrangements with contractors to rent caravans.

Can I hire a campervan/caravan myself and bring it to the Festival?
Yes, provided you have purchased a weekend Festival ticket and a campervan ticket.

Can the Festival supply details of campervan/caravan hire companies we can use?
The Festival holds no such details, and is unable to provide any information regarding hire. Please make your own enquiries.

How do we gain access to the campervan/caravan fields on arrival?
Please follow the festival signage on the approach to the site, please turn off SatNav and follow the signage to the correct parking camping or motor home entrance.

When can we gain vehicular access to the camper/caravan fields?
First entry for weekend camping tickets is from 10:00am Friday 22nd May. There will be NO access to the campervan fields prior to 10:00am Friday 22nd May. Please be considerate of local residents and businesses.

How are pitches allocated?
General camping and general motor home will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Can our group of friends have pitches next to each other as a group?
Sorry, we can’t hold pitches so if you want to park next to each other you will need to arrive together.

How far is it from the campervan site to the Festival?
The camping field is adjacent to the festival site and estimated walking time is 5 minutes maximum.

Can my car be kept beside the caravan in the campervan/caravan field?
Yes, there is space for one car to be parked beside or in front of the caravan. However, any other member of your party arriving separately by car will need to purchase a car parking ticket.

If I am travelling in a separate vehicle to the caravan/campervan can I park in the campervan fields?
There is space for one towing vehicle to be parked beside or in front of the caravan only.

Can I pitch a tent beside my caravan/campervan?
The Fire Officer will not allow ticket-holders to camp beside campervans or cars due to the risk of contiguous fire, but it is permitted to camp behind them.

Can I bring my trailer tent?
Yes, as long as it is a purpose-built, manufacturer-made trailer tent. You will need to purchase a caravan/motorhome pass.

Can I bring a Winnebago or extra large caravan?
Yes. However, the maximum length of a caravan or motor home is 8 meters.

Will I be able to put up an awning? Can I sleep under the awning?
Yes, manufacturers’ awnings are acceptable and can be slept in if they are a manufacturers’ annex or inner tent, but please make parking steward aware if you are sleeping in the awning.

How will I know where to place my campervan/caravan/towing car/awning/tent in the field?
Stewards will be on hand in the campervan fields to advise on siting vehicles. It is not possible to reserve a specific area – space is allocated on a first come first served basis. Caravans, their towing cars and campervans will be parked in rows, with a 4 metre fire road between the rows. Each pitch will be 7 metres wide by 8 metres long.

Can I bring a generator?
No. Absolutely no generators are to be brought on site.

Can I bring a picnic?
Families camping are welcome to bring as much food as they wish to be consumed in the campsite.

Can I bring alcohol to Geronimo for personal consumption in my tent/ Campervan? 
Geronimo is a very family friendly environment. No alcohol will be admitted into the festival site. There will be Craft beers, Pimms and Prosecco available at our bars. Drunk parents and kids parties are not a great mix. Please drink responsibly.

Can I bring glass bottles with me in my campervan/caravan?
Glass is not permitted anywhere on festival site. The usual Festival confiscations policy applies to campervans and caravans. The security staff will also check for any other items not permitted on site, as specified in the terms and conditions on weekend tickets. Security staff will confiscate any such items and may refuse entry to the site. Domestic items that will stay within the campervan are unlikely to be confiscated, however we would advise not to bring anything valuable just in case. The decision of the security team will be final.

Can I bring a barbecue to the campsite?
You can’t use small barbecues in the campsite but we will have a designated barbecue area which you can go to.

How much camping gas can I bring?
You can bring 220g camping gas canister and one spare. There will be a shop to buy things like this on site. 
For caravans / campervans you can bring one spare gas canister the size that your vehicle holds

Can I leave my rubbish in the campsite?
We separate and manage recyclable waste offsite. We ask you very kindly to respect our land by making sure you put rubbish in the ample bins provided. We operate a ‘leave no trace’ policy and we will be increasing the provision of bins. 

Last access to the campsite is 9pm Friday 22nd May and access will re-open 7.30am on Saturday 23rd May.




Each Caravan, Campervan or Trailer Tent must have a Campervan ticket and each person within the vehicle must have a vaild weekend Festival ticket. To comply with the Festival’s license, and in the interests of safety as well as the welfare and goodwill of other Festival-goers and local residents, please adhere to the following:-

  • Only vehicles with fitted sleeping, cooking and or washing facilities may use these fields

  • Each Caravan or Campervan must have a Campervan ticket and each person within the vehicle must have a valid Weekend Festival ticket.

  • Vehicles are parked within an approximate 7m wide x 8m deep pitch, with a 4m fire lane between rows, as directed by Parking Stewards.

  • Only one Campervan/or Caravan with car may be parked in each approximate 7m x 8m pitch, but ticket holders who arrive with a vehicle may camp in a small tent in the space behind or to the side of the vehicles as directed by parking stewards, space is very limited. Please be aware total amount of space available for your caravan/car/tent is 7 metres x 8 metres.

  • No vehicles are to be parked or tents pitched in the fire lanes at any time.

  • No trading of any kind is permitted from caravans or campervans.

  • No sound systems are to be operated in the caravan/campervan fields. Anyone found operating such systems may be liable to confiscation of the system.

  • Fireworks, generators, glass containers, potential weapons, portable laser equipment including laser pens or any illegal or offensive items or substances are not permitted in these fields and will be confiscated. No animals (except guide dogs) are permitted anywhere at the Festival. Vehicles in these fields are liable to search by security staff.

  • All litter must be cleared and put into litter bins or recycling bins.

  • Towing vehicles must remain with caravans, not parked elsewhere.

  • Self-driven vehicles must be clear by 11:00am on Monday 25th May but can be moved to the main car park.

  • Please respect the Country Code at all times.

  • Security staff may evict those that do not adhere to the conditions above, and may also confiscate their festival weekend tickets and any contraband items.

  • The Festival and Premises License Holder accept no responsibility for any loss or damages to campervans or caravans (whether hired or privately owned). Any insurance or deposit claims arising from your campervan/caravan use at the festival should be directed to your insurers or campervan/caravan hire company.

  • If you have any disabled access enquiries, please email: