Steve Apelt Productions

Magical Musical Bike

Prepare to be stunned by the Magical Musical Bike as it comes around the corner. Powered by batteries, charged by the wonderful sunlight, Steve will be pedaling around the festival site with some fantastic tunes. On any opportunity he will jump off to host silly games; a talent contest; parachute games; dancing competition or just ask you to catch as many bubbles as possible!!!

The Magical Musical Bike is fun and full of surprises. It makes bubbles, play's music and has a selection of microphones ready for any budding young singer to make themselves a star!

Zig Zag the Dinosaur

Brought back from a faraway land Zig Zag the Dinosaur has settled well into UK life!!

His biggest treat is now to visit The Geronimo Festival but watch out he can be very cheeky and often gets up to lot's of mischief! Zig Zag always loves to stop for any photo opportunity as he explores the festival site.

Do it Yourself Art Gallery

This is your opportunity to show us your drawing talents. Create a little masterpiece, sign it and let the rest of the festival see your art work.....
Various framed chalk boards are located on the festival site all you have to do is find them and start drawing!!