6FootStories present

Potato Puppet Playground

Ages 5+

A new interactive storytelling experience with spuds.

The potato. The root of all good meals. And the root of all good stories. It is a most mystical root indeed - a potent portal into the past. Deep in its flesh lie the tales of old and new, and with our help, you can release them…

Join 6FootStories for this riotous mixture of potato crafts workshop and potato performance.

Learn how to make a potato puppet!

Join the storytellers in the Potato Puppet Theatre!

Improvise a spud-tastic story from scratch using suggestions from the audience!

Travel to new lands, journey to the Otherworld, drink from magical cauldrons… and beware the Potato-Eye-Eating-Man – our resident villain who will purée any potato in his path!


6FootStories present

The Swap Shop Game Show

Ages 5+

The new interactive family game show from 6FootStories!

Join Roger Blackmouth, Sailor Sawney and Ruby the Gypsy Lady for the bonkers show where teams swap their hidden talents for incredible terrible prizes!

In our travelling swap shop are all manner of delights, and they can be yours - but remember, YOU DON'T SWAP, YOU DON'T GET! Join a team and swap your unique talents for our unique tat! 

Are you a secret gymnast? Can you spit impromptu rhymes at the drop of a hat? Can you fart the alphabet? Whatever your talent, there's a place (and a prize) for it at the Swap Shop Game Show.

And at the end of the show the team that has won the most prizes can swap them all for the SUPER MYSTERY PRIZE! Who knows, you might even win the Golden Potato! 

6FootStories make a variety of weird and wonderful work for young and old. They come to Geronimo with the Potato Puppet Playground and the Swap Shop Game Show as part of a major tour spudding and swapping at festivals around the country.

Praise for previous work:

“Madcap, bohemian and altogether brilliant” – THE THEATRE TOURIST

“Hilarious and energetic… comical ingenuity… brilliantly concocted.” – WEST END WILMA

“Fast-paced action and ingenious perspective comedy… infectiously energetic and visually arresting” – EVERYTHING THEATRE