Rifle Range…

Commando Force: Commando force delivers military themed outdoor experiences for people of all ages and abilities. These range from kids party’s to large corporate events including bush craft, team building and shooting a variety of weapons. It has been set up by serving and retired Royal Marines Commandos, all our staff have been trained as instructors during their military careers and have continued to improve their coaching skills through recognised civilian training schemes.

At Geronimo Fest we will be brining our mobile range to provide a choice of fun, safe and inclusive shooting experiences. Either our gel blaster range, or for those how can safely handle the air rifles a one to one introduction and coaching session to the sport of target shooting using a selection of knock down and paper targets.

Gel Blaster range: This will be a range set up to allow anyone to turn up and shoot, there will be no booking just queue and shoot and if you like the experience, blasters will be available to purchase on the day!!


GelSoft blasters fire water balls that are so squidgy they 'pop' on impact. Because our ammo is made of water, they're super biodegradable and best of all, they're great for the environment. We have a selection of Full, Semi and 'Bolt-Action' GelSoft blasters for a range of experiences ranging from fully automatic madness to precise target shooting.

We guarantee they’re lots of fun and great for the whole family to enjoy shooting!

Air rifle range: This range will be run by booking a 10-minute time slot for a lesson with one of our serving or ex-soldiers who have all been trained to highest standards in and out of the military.

No need to be big and muscly, old or young, air guns are selected according to your build. Our professional coaches will help you adopt the right position, be steady with your hands, keep your eye on the target and give it your best shot!

This is a great sport for all to get involved, Commando Force are passionate about being fun and inclusive. We have many teaching aids from lasers to Video feedback ‘You could be a sharp shooter in minutes’.