Parkour is a movement style which has its roots in France in the 1930's and was further developed in the 1990's in the inner city housing estates of urban France.

Parkour is all about moving from point to point in a smooth, efficient, flowing manner taking in all the obstacles and terrain that lie between the points. Techniques such as vaults, climbing, dropping with rolling to break the fall, animal-inspired ground movements and much more all figure highly in Parkour training.

When gymnastics and flamboyant martial arts such as Wu-Shu are combined with parkour to add flips, kicked and 'tricks', this is what we call 'free running'.

Parkour is now officially recognised as a sport.

Evolve is a Parkour, Freerunning and Stunt training facility based in MediaCityUK in Salford. 

Established in 2010 Evolve has been at the forefront of the Parkour and Free running scene in the North West. The go-to brand for alternative and urban adrenaline sports, Evolve is dedicated to excellent quality service and providing participants with a platform for personal development and achievement.

The Evolve Stunt and Coaching Teams are delighted to be showcasing and supporting participants at Geronimo Festival and look forward to seeing YOU there!!!

So come on Geronimo…Let's Get Jumping!