Mr Wilson's Second Liners


New Orleans meets 90s club classics…a rave funeral without the body.

In New Orleans, funerals are celebrated in style, with noisy brass bands processing through the streets. The main section of the parade is known as First Line, but the real fun starts with the Second Line, those who follow the band to enjoy the music, marching with the musicians and twirling parasols or waving handkerchiefs.

A rabble of mischievous northerners, Mr Wilson’s Second Liners form a traditional New Orleans Second Line. However, this is no sombre occasion: Mr Wilson’s expend their collective musical talent paying homage to the diehard days of the Hacienda, 90s club culture and its greatest hero, Mr Tony Wilson.

These revolutionary genre bashers knock the First Line sideways, opting for upbeat dance tracks over traditional slow hymns. Proudly stepping out in uniformed style, they channel the spirit of the 24 hour party people and get audiences dancing wherever they play.

The vision is an anarchic, street extravaganza, bursting with colour and sound, rallying impromptu raves on street corners and rousing audiences young and old into a joyful frenzy.




Imagine The Banana Splits having a party with The Ramones, The Specials and David Bowie – with Spike Milligan mixing the drinks – and you’d get a flavour of why Manchester’s Rockin’ Rhinos are so popular. Fronted by John Cooper Cat, the band make sure that grown-ups love their gigs as much as their children do; covers mixed in with rocked-up nursery rhymes as well as their own tunes. This is music for families to join in with – with actions, singing along or just dancing.


Johnny and the Raindrops


Twangin’ on a guitar! Bangin’ on a drum!  Look out everybody ‘cause here come…

Johnny and the Raindrops play jump-up-and-down-rocking-and-rolling-can’t-sit-down-best-time-ever music for cool kids and funky families. They write lively and original songs that get children (and grown ups) dancing and moving, cialis usa buy cialis singing and grooving.

The Nottingham-based band have released seven albums of innovative and original music for children, plus a greatest hits album Best of the Bunch, and a DVD ‘No Sleep ‘til Sherwood’.

Johnny, Ben, Darren and Matt love to play live! They have performed at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal, the Wheee! International Children’s Festival, Southwell Folk Festival, Glastonbudget, Farnstock, Nottingham Ice Arena, and hundreds of gigs at local festivals, carnivals, play days, schools, libraries, bandstands, village halls, etc.