Little Fingy...

Little Fingy is intended to be as much fun as possible. We are bursting with exciting ideas and aim to get the whole nation involved in the finger puppet madness… Partly for the sheer fun of it and partly to raise lots of money for charity and good causes.

Our Knitters

Our knitters are based in a number of villages in the Andean regions of South America. Sometimes whole families work together and knitting enables them to remain in the rural communities rather than heading for a life of urban poverty. Whilst often working at home, women have the opportunity to bring up their family at the same time as contributing to the family income.

Our Puppets

Our puppets are great to mess about with and loved by all ages! They are also ideal for story telling, imaginative play, language and sound development for younger children.

So come on Geronimo…let’s get Knitting!