Gemma Lees...

I have been writing stories since as long as I can remember, but decided to take it more seriously when my son Ethan was born and I had an idea for a series of books called ‘Ethan Elephant & Friends’. My concept is that every animal Ethan Elephant encounters has a problem which he helps to resolve. My cousin Amy Drewitt loved the idea and said she would love to draw some images for me, and the Ethan Elephant series was made!

All the books are rhyming and are aimed at 2 – 5 year olds, with a simple language for both adults and children to enjoy, especially early readers. The bright, bold, colourful pictures appeal to the younger audience and the interaction of the reader with the story keeps them occupied throughout.

The books have been read throughout many nurseries, schools, libraries and book festivals throughout the UK, and workshops have been undertaken with primary school children focusing on activities around the stories of Ethan Elephant.

There are three books currently published which I will be reading and I will be leading a creative session around.

I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy creating them!

So come on Geronimo…Let's go on an adventure!