Freddie's Farm

Freddie Parker and Trudy Brown are both working sheep farmers in Devon and Somerset and between them they run their own farms with over 600 ewes and a small suckler herd of angus cows.  To help them in their work they have border collies, the most popular breed of English sheepdog, and Australian kelpies and use ducks for the displays to create a realistic demonstration of these dogs at work. 
Both Freddie started life as “a corporate yuppy” working in London and decided to make the life changing decision to move to the West Country and set up a smallholding.  Things soon got out of control as the numbers increased and now instead of being a hobby it is a full time business.  
Trudy had always wanted to farm but it wasn’t until she met Ted, her sheepdog, that the bug really hit her.  Training Ted with sheep forced her to get her own sheep and from there she has developed her own flock of pedigree Lleyn ewes.
The show enables us to reach out to others who may have similar dreams and to encourage them to follow this way of life.  The shows also give an entertaining and educational display with maximum audience participation.
The duck racing developed as a spin off from the Sheepdog Show.  We wanted to provide an alternative entertainment which could also be used to give something back.  The duck racing is fast, furious, feathery and flipping ridiculous but all the proceeds from the betting goes to charity and in 2017 we have donated in excess of £5000 to various charities.