Geronimo is a three day ticketed outdoor event aimed at providing entertainment for children up to 12 years of age, although older children are permitted.The aim of the event is to provide a safe, friendly environment where the audience can enjoy live acts and shows with a focus on interactive play. The event promotes this as a family experience with dedicated activities for children with a policy towards child safety and welfare. The aim of Geronimo is to provide a place where parents can play, learn and have fun along with their child.

The event will take place within an enclosed licensed site at Arley Hall. The event dates are Saturday 27th to Monday 29th May 2017. Advertised opening hours are between 10.00 and 18.00 but we aim to actually be open from 9am.

Each zone will have a zone manager, and volunteers should take direction from their allocated zone manager. However, volunteers should still feel able to bring any issues to the attention of the Volunteer Manager. Zones will be colour coded.

On arrival, where do I go?
You will receive an email the week prior confirming that.

What time should I arrive?
Your call time is 8am. Please arrive no later than this.

How long is my shift?
All shifts are from 8am until 6pm, but you will have a meal break, and other breaks where possible

What should I wear?
Comfortable and practical clothes & shoes. This being Britain, we could have anything from snow to a heatwave, possibly on the same day. Also, be aware that there is the risk that anything you wear could end up with glitter or glue on it.

Where do I get my Geronimot-shirt?
You will be given it at the start of your shift. It will probably be over-sized in order that you can wear it over your other clothes.

Do we need to know anything about safety,  evacuation procedure, or first aid?
No, in the event of an incident you would notify the nearest person with a radio and pass responsibility to them.

What about lost children?
There is a system in place to deal with missing/lost children. If you find an unaccompanied child, or a parent reports that they have mislaid a child, please inform security/steward who will then take the appropriate steps.

How do I get free parking?
You should have received a car parking pass pdf. You need to print this out, complete the details, and display it on arrival.

I’m attending the day before I volunteer. How do I get my free entry?
As detailed on the website, you will need to leave a £75 cash deposit on arrival to the VIP gate. Your name will be on the guest list. This will be placed in an envelope with your name on it, and returned to you at the end of your volunteer shift. If there any queries, the team can reach me by radio.

What sort of jobs will volunteers be required to do?
You will be helping out in a number of roles, such as assisting in our craft tent, aiding with entrance wristbanding and ticketing, human signposts, and helping in our info tent

The volunteering at Geronimo works like this:

  1. You volunteer one day to get 1 free family pass (covers 4 people), which can only be used on a different day to the volunteering day. It is a lot easier if the day that you visit with your family is after the day that you volunteer, but arrangements can be made if you wish to visit with your family first.
  2. The volunteer must be over 18.
  3. You will need to be there on the day of volunteering by 8AM.
  4. You will get food vouchers for the day you are volunteering and breaks. You are able to vary between the jobs that you do on that day.

Please look at our website - www.geronimofest.com to see the line-up of entertainers on each day.

if you are interesting in volunteering please email: