Kitsch n Sync...

Hedge Heads
Meet Judy, our glamorous 1950s housewife in sunny suburbia, She enjoys baking brownies and a quiet bit of gardening on a Sunday. Judy enjoys trimming her bushes regularly but recently she has been having some trouble with her topiary…they seem to have a mind of their own!? Watch as Judy transforms into Edwina Scissorhands before your very eyes! She chases her shrubs around the garden with her garden shears poised at the ready, is she losing her marbles or does the flora and fauna have a mind of its own…who knows!? A comedy walkabout act and dance performance for all the family.

Tally Ho!
Look out for these 3 Haughty hoarse ladies, who are in training for the big race, these 'ladies what race'  are ruthless and have their eye firmly on this years derby prize trophy, but who will win? Audiences will bet race and train up in for this race of a life time as they enter into this bazaar realm of equine! Tally ho! 

Pioneers of all things vintage, retro and wonderfully absurd, Kitsch & Sync are an exciting and unique addition to any event. Audiences can expect an infectious blend of surreal characters, quirky choreography and stylish costumes.

So come on Geronimo…