Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens is a campaign to raise money for research into cancers affecting children, teens and young adults.

Every day around 10 young people in the UK are diagnosed with cancer. Despite improving survival rates, cancer is the leading cause of death in children, teenagers and young adults.

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We’ve made great progress in tackling children's cancers over the last 40 years, but survival rates across different types of cancers vary and for some children's cancers survival rates are still far too low. Treatment can have very debilitating side-effects for young people that can sadly last long into adult life, so finding kinder treatments is vital.

By supporting the work of Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens at Geronimo Festivals, you will be helping to find cures and kinder treatments for young people facing cancer, like this amazing little girl, Zofeya.

Meet Zofeya

Zofeya was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was only 4 years old. Despite eight and half hours of major brain surgery and months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, Zofeya showed incredible bravery - smiling and continuing to play with her brother Malacai whenever she could. Her treatment had side-effects that meant she had to learn to walk and talk again but in November 2014, after 17 months, Zofeya was given the good news that her cancer was in remission.

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